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New Year

January 4, 2020

Temperature: 30 F - 64 F

Water Temperature: 52 F

Water Flow: 57.9 cfs

I took a trip on the 4th to bring in the new year right. It was a beautiful day to fish but the fish were not having it.

I spent some time just below Morris Sheppard dam practicing my double haul cast with the slight hope of bringing in a striper. There were a few moving at the surface but with the low water levels it was difficult to get effective casts past the shallows without crossing the safety cable. I was able to sight cast to and catch a freshwater drum with a Clouser's minnow. He swam within about 5 yards of me and I drug the Clouser's over the rock just ahead of him and let it fall and he took it readily. Unfortunately, he was a bit camera shy.

I ended up getting skunked on the TPWD stocked rainbow trout but was able to land a nice Redbreast sunfish on a size 18 olive caddis larva. Several other fisherman I encountered had success on a variety of flies including woolly buggers, mop flies and nymphs.

Winter fishing can be a challenge on the Brazos but its never a bad time to get some respite and take in some of this:

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