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Experience and Passion

I'm Will Stewart and I say the best time to go fly fishing is now. At age 7 I was introduced to the sport by my dad while on a trip in Yellowstone National Park. I was hooked (insert dad joke meme here). I have now been fly fishing for almost 25 years and share it with my wife and daughters and would like to extend my passion to you. Whether you are looking to make your very first cast with a fly rod, you need some practice, or you just want a shot at some fish I will make every effort to accommodate you on one of my trips.

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A Pledge to the River

We are committed to eliminating single use plastic from our operations. You won't find cases of plastic water bottles on our trips. We use washable stainless water bottles and reusable containers for our lunches. Help us keep our river clean by packing all of your single use plastics out and recycling them. Also, keeping a mesh bag in your vest or pack is a handy way to pick up what litter you can as you head back to the vehicle at the end of the day!

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